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Free, Accessible Content For All

Our mission is to make the best ESL games and classroom activities available to as many teachers as possible. That’s why all of our games, activities, projects and conversation ideas are 100% free to access.

We also know that many teachers around the world don’t have access to printers or other technology at their school. That’s why we focus on activities that don’t require printed materials or other special resources. Where equipment such as a projector is desirable, we try to give you other options as well.

To support our site we charge a very small yearly subscription fee for our interactive games and generators; but we strive to keep this price as low as we can while still maintaining them to a high standard. And before you make any commitment, you can try them for a free, no-obligation trial period to make sure they’re right for you.

The Communicative Approach

At the heart of our philosophy is the ‘communicative approach’. This is the idea that successful language learning comes through interaction and meaningful communication between students.

Our site will help you achieve that through a wide range of different resources. But what they all have in common is an element of speaking, even if just to share written work. This oral expression and exchange of ideas is vital, not only to check and reinforce knowledge, but as practise for the real world.

We do not propose these activities as a substitute for all traditional grammar-based learning. But we strongly believe they are an essential part of any students’ development.

Going Green

Another of our biggest priorities is making English teaching a greener profession. As an industry, we waste huge amounts of paper on worksheets and other printables. While there’s sometimes a place for this kind of resource, all too often they’re just an easy option.

Many schools are now making efforts to recycle, but we want to tackle the problem at source and reduce paper usage. That’s why we focus on ESL games and activities that don’t require multiple printed copies. Because of our focus on the communicative approach, many of them don’t require paper at all, but when they do, we suggest using student notebooks. Or, if the students don’t have notebooks, try and keep a ready supply of scrap paper.

We know it’s important that you can access our content offline, so that’s why we provide an option to download activities as a PDF. However, please don’t print them unless absolutely necessary! These days, almost all of us have portable electronic devices, so consider saving content to your smartphone to refer to in class.

ESL Games, Activities, Projects and Conversation

We’ve all been in that situation where there’s five minutes to go before class, and you still need a warmer or grammar-appropriate activity. So to help you find what you are looking for, we attach appropriate tags to each resource. Our autocomplete search bar will suggest grammar or vocabulary topics as you start typing them.

The majority of our activities are very to implement, with little or no preparation time required. We also aim to provide clear and succinct explanations to help you get going as quickly as possible. Teachers are extremely busy people, so we want to make life as simple as possible for you!

Finally, you may have noticed we categorise our content based on whether it is a game, activity, project or conversation. For an explanation of those categories, click here. We have many more plans for other useful ESL teaching resources as well, so look out for those as we add them.

Please get in touch if there’s anything we can do to improve or make the site work better for you.

Happy Teaching!