About Us

eslactive.com is a site created by EFL and ESL teachers, for EFL / ESL teachers.

Our staff are based in the UK, but have many years experience teaching in countries around the world. We’ve also worked in a range of different roles, including as language assistants in foreign schools, EFL teachers in language schools abroad, and ESL teachers in English-speaking countries.

After first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a teacher today, we decided to use what we’d learned to help other current and future teachers. We’re passionate about helping the millions of students around the world improve their English language skills, and we want to improve accessibility to the very best resources — while at the same time making the busy life of a teacher that little bit easier.

We also saw how we as a profession are guilty of wasting huge amounts of paper. It seemed crazy to us how much of a problem this was in this day and age. Unfortunately, this is deeply entrenched in how many of us work, and it doesn’t help that a lot of websites encourage the use of printable resources.

Our vision is to revolutionise English language teaching by minimising the use of paper resources. We feel strongly that by combining use of the communicative approach with technology, we can not only make our profession much greener, but also achieve higher levels of engagement with our students.

We realise that this will be a hard transformation, but we are determined to achieve it by offering high quality services and support to all the amazing teachers out there. After a lot of hard work, our site finally went live in 2018, but that’s just the first step of the journey. Please enjoy using and sharing our site — and watch this space for our many future plans!

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more, including arranging an interview if you represent a media outlet.