Selecting the right EFL / ESL activities is integral to the communicative approach. This is when we guide students through reproducing target language in a controlled format, and the way in which we do that is crucial to their understanding. Read More >>

Not only do they help us to scaffold learning effectively, they should also encourage meaningful interaction between students, and prepare them for real-life situations. Reading, writing, listening and speaking activities are all important, as of course is tailoring activities to the level and age of your class.

That’s why we make it as easy as possible to find what’s right for you and your English class. You can filter our activities by beginner, intermediate or advanced level, or a specific grammar or vocabulary topic that you’re teaching.

We also provide classroom games, projects and conversation ideas, or you can browse all our resources by grammar and vocabulary topics — but here’s our complete list of EFL / ESL activities.

73 Questions

The 73 Questions ESL activity is based around the Vogue interview series of the same name, with students discussing what the celebrity said.

Animal House

In the Animal House ESL activity, the whole class pretends to be a certain animal on command, which is lots of fun for younger kids.