73 Questions

The 73 Questions ESL activity is based around the Vogue interview series of the same name, with students discussing what the celebrity said.

Students for 73 Questions ESL Activity:1+Time for 73 Questions ESL Activity:20-30 mins
Resources for 73 Questions ESL Activity:
Internet; Projector

You will need a way to play and project a video from YouTube. Pick a celebrity from the Vogue interview series 73 Questions that the students are familiar with. You could even let them choose if you like.

Each student will need a notebook/piece of paper.

  1. Play the video for the students.
  2. While it’s playing, students have to quickly note down any responses that they hear (e.g. favourite colour – red). Make it clear that they don’t have to get them all! As the questions are very fast-paced, it may help to divide the video into parts, with short pauses in between.
  3. At the end of the video, students compare their notes in small groups (of two, three or four).
  4. Together they have to write sentences about what the celebrity said, using reported speech. For example, She said she had played over a thousand matches.
  5. When they have finished, the groups take turns sharing their sentences (optionally, write them on the board). Then, watch the video again to see if they were correct, pausing if necessary to review the grammar and/or make corrections.
Target Language

Due to the quick-fire nature of the interview, the 73 Questions ESL activity is a challenging activity, only suitable for advanced and good high-intermediate students. However, many will really enjoy it, especially if they have an interest in the celebrity.

It is ideal for practising reported speech with these levels, as the responses utilise a variety of grammar.

For a similar activity that is suitable for lower intermediate levels too (and doesn’t require the Internet or a projector), see Celebrity Interview.

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