Alphabet People

In the Alphabet People ESL activity, students describe different people using each letter of the alphabet.

Students for Alphabet People ESL Activity:2+Time for Alphabet People ESL Activity:5-10 mins
Resources for Alphabet People ESL Activity:

Divide the class into small groups of four or five students.

  1. Students take turns saying the following sentence: My name is _______ , my friend’s name is ________ , we live in ________ , and we sell _______.
  2. Each gap must be completed with words beginning with the same letter of the alphabet. The first student does this with the letter A, e.g. My name is Adam, my friend’s name is Alison, we live in Australia , and we sell apples.
  3. The following student does this with the letter B, the following with C, and so on until Z.
Target Language

Alphabet People is a short non-competitive exercise that’s great for beginners, especially kids. You can use it as a quick, relaxed warmer/time-filler or a way to practise the alphabet.

You could also use it with children learning phonics, and specify that each new word must begin with the same phoneme.

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