Animal Fight

In the Animal Fight ESL activity, students argue about what would win in a fight between two different species, and why.

Students for Animal Fight ESL Activity:2+Time for Animal Fight ESL Activity:5-15 mins
Resources for Animal Fight ESL Activity:

You will need to project/write two different animals on the board at a time. If you have a projector and Internet, you can use our Random Word Generator. Or, if you want to use images (good for younger students especially), our Picture Duel game.

If not, you could prepare a slideshow, a written list, or just make them up as you go.

Divide the class into two groups. The two groups sit in parallel lines opposite each other (so they can both see the board).

  1. Project/write two different animals on the board (or just say them if that’s not possible). One team is assigned to each animal.
  2. The teams must argue why their animal would win in a fight. They cannot stop speaking for thirty seconds.
  3. In their arguments, students should include physical descriptions (e.g. tigers have claws, bears are strong), and abilities (monkeys can climb trees). They should speculate on what the animals could and would do in a fight. Sometimes the team with the weaker animal will have to be creative!
  4. At the end of the time, ask the students who they think would really win. Then change the animals and repeat the process.
Target Language

The Animal Fight ESL activity is designed primarily for high beginner or low intermediate level kids learning animals and related vocabulary. They should practise naming parts of an animal and describing them.

You can also use it to practise can/can’t. In this case students focus on their animal’s abilities, what their opponent can’t do, and how that would affect a fight.

Or, you could ask the class to use comparatives. Students compare the properties and abilities of their animal with the other. For example, Bears are stronger than leopards… But leopards can run faster… etc.

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