Animal People

In the Animal People ESL activity, students discover the connection they have to certain animals, and discuss whether they agree or disagree.

Students for Animal People ESL Activity:1+Time for Animal People ESL Activity:5-10 mins
Resources for Animal People ESL Activity:

Each student will need a piece of paper.

  1. Individually, each student writes down three animals. Do not tell them why yet.
  2. When they have finished, reveal the meanings of each animal (you may want to write them on the board). The first is the animal you are most like, the second is the animal you see yourself as, and the third is the animal you want to be.
  3. Students discuss their results in pairs or small groups, saying why they agree/disagree. At the end, discuss as a class, and see what people think of their matches.
Target Language

The Animal People ESL activity is a quick discussion-based warmer, designed to get your students talking at the start of class. The level and depth of the discussion will depend on the level of the students, so you can use it with beginner, intermediate or advanced classes.

This activity could link lead in well to the Horoscopes conversation activity, in which you can discuss zodiac sign traits as well as the Chinese zodiac animals.

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