Build A Body

In the Build A Body ESL activity, students have to stick labels of body parts on a classmate or a wall/table.

Students for Build A Body ESL Activity:2+Time for Build A Body ESL Activity:5-15 mins
Resources for Build A Body ESL Activity:
Scissors; Sticky Tape; Scrap Paper

Students complete this activity in groups of two, three or four. You will need a pair of scissors, sticky tape and some scrap paper for each group.

In class, divide the students into those groups.

  1. The groups have to write as many body parts as they can down on separate pieces of paper. They make these papers into labels using the sticky tape.
  2. Depending on what is most suitable for your class, they can either stick these labels on one of their group members or a wall/table. Using a person is often more fun as long as you can find a willing volunteer!
  3. Give the students ten minutes to label as many body parts as they can.
  4. At the end of the time, count and review each group’s labels. The group with the most correct labels wins (the competitive element is optional).
Target Language

The Build A Body ESL activity is a really fun way to review body parts vocabulary with beginner or low intermediate students.

It is also the perfect warmer for a class on body idioms/expressions with higher level students.

For a similar creative project (for low-level students) in which they have to combine pictures of different body parts, see Body Collage.

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