Celebrity Chefs

In the Celebrity Chefs ESL activity, students pretend they are a famous chef on TV, and demonstrate a recipe for the class.

Students for Celebrity Chefs ESL Activity:2+Time for Celebrity Chefs ESL Activity:30-60+ mins
Resources for Celebrity Chefs ESL Activity:
Cooking Props (Optional)

If possible, show your students a video of a celebrity chef beforehand. Ask them to write down language that they hear (according to your target language and level).

Students can do this activity individually or in pairs. As they will be presenting to the class, pairs is better for less confident students.

  1. Students write down a recipe that they know, using the target language.
  2. They develop and practise a TV-style demonstration of their recipe.
  3. They then present their demonstration to the class, using props where possible. This could also be done as a video project for homework.
  4. After the presentations, ask the students to try and write down one of the new recipes that they heard (not someone sitting close to them).
  5. The students take turns sharing the recipes they heard. See who was listening by how close they are to the original!
Target Language

The Celebrity Chefs ESL activity is a fun way to practise food vocabulary and cooking verbs. With beginner or low intermediate students, you can also use it to practise sequence adverbs. Or, as it involves giving instructions, imperatives.

Higher level intermediate students should focus on fluency and speaking in the appropriate style. This could include the use of a variety of suitable adjectives and adverbs (highlight this in an example video at the start).

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