Class Emoji Story

In the Class Emoji Story ESL activity students create a spoken story, adding sentences for each emoji prompt.

Students for Class Emoji Story ESL Activity:2+Time for Class Emoji Story ESL Activity:5-15 mins
Resources for Class Emoji Story ESL Activity:
Internet and Projector

Use our online Emoji Generator to generate and present the emojis.

Define an order in which students are to add to the story.

  1. Generate emojis one at a time. After each emoji, the next student says a sentence (or two) to continue the story.
  2. The first student starts by introducing a character and linking them to the first emoji. Subsequent students use their emoji as a prompt for what happens next in the story.
  3. Continue the story for as long as desired.
  4. At the end, students should work in small groups to try and remember what was said (using the emojis as prompts).
Target Language

The Class Emoji Story ESL activity is a good alternative to Emoji Story, to practise speaking instead of writing. As students have to think quickly and be confident in producing the grammar, it is suitable for intermediate and advanced levels.

It makes a great warmer, but could also be used in a class on narrative tenses.

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