Crazy Classroom

The Crazy Classroom ESL activity is a live-action version of Memory Scene, in which students have to remember what their classmates were doing.

Students for Crazy Classroom ESL Activity:12+Time for Crazy Classroom ESL Activity:10-20 mins
Resources for Crazy Classroom ESL Activity:

Divide the class into two groups, A and B.

  1. Group B goes outside the classroom to prepare, while Group A remains.
  2. The groups think of a continuous action for each student to perform (e.g. digging a hole, playing chess). Particularly with large classes, suggest that some students do one action together. Encourage the students to be inventive and/or think of funny actions.
  3. When the students have prepared, ask the students in the classroom (Group A) to start performing their chosen actions.
  4. Group B then enter and have thirty seconds to try and remember what everyone is doing.
  5. At the end of the time, the groups switch roles. Group A exit the room, Group B start performing their actions, then Group A enter and try and remember them.
  6. When both groups have performed, each student has to individually write down the actions that they remember seeing, using the target language.
  7. They then compare their sentences with the rest of the group (or a partner from their group).
  8. Finally, each student shares one sentence with the whole class, to see if the actions are correct.
Target Language

The Crazy Classroom ESL activity is perfect for practising the past continuous with low intermediate students. You could also use it to practise the present continuous with beginners.

Another option is sports and hobbies vocabulary. In this case simply specify that the actions should be of this type.

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