Dream Job

In the Dream Job ESL activity, students describe their perfect job to their classmates.

Students for Dream Job ESL Activity:1+Time for Dream Job ESL Activity:15-25 mins
Resources for Dream Job ESL Activity:

This activity can be completed individually (and then shared), or in discussion with a partner.

  1. Elicit elements of a job for students to use in their descriptions, and write them on the board. For example; title, industry, location, wage, hours, schedule, tasks, vacation allowance, transport to/from work etc.
  2. The students then note down what they would like for each element. With lower level students, you may want them to practise the target language by writing out their sentences in full.
  3. However, if your students are more familiar with the grammar then they can just do this orally with a partner, as an ‘interview’. Students should form questions (e.g. What would you like to do?), then note down their partner’s answers.
  4. At the end, students share information with the class or in small groups. If they worked individually before, they share their own information. If they worked with a partner, they share their partner’s information.
Target Language

The Dream Job ESL activity is perfect for practising vocabulary and language related to jobs. It is suitable for beginner or low intermediate students.

You can alter the grammar according to what is appropriate for your class. For example, students could imagine their future selves and use the present simple (e.g. Where do you work?). They could make sentences with would like (Where would you like to work?). Or for the future simple, style the activity as predictions (Where will you work?).

You can practise questions with any of the above language, but make sure you do the activity as a partner interview.

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