Emoji Story

In the Emoji Story ESL activity, students use random emojis as the prompts for events.

Students for Emoji Story ESL Activity:1+Time for Emoji Story ESL Activity:15-30 mins
Resources for Emoji Story ESL Activity:
Internet and Projector or Printed Emojis

You can either do this activity using our online Emoji Generator (if you have a projector and Internet), or with printed emojis.

Divide the class into small groups of two or three students.

  1. Generate a set of ten random emojis for each group, either by projecting our online generator, or with students drawing printed emojis out of a hat.
  2. In their groups, students write a story from their sequence of emoji prompts, using the target language. Each emoji should correspond to roughly one sentence.
  3. With printed emojis, you have the option of letting students reorder the emojis. Students could also create a poster by sticking the emojis within the story or alongside it.
  4. The groups share their stories with the class. If the emojis are projected, one student points to them to indicate the part of the story being read.
Target Language

You can use the Emoji Story ESL activity as a warmer, and/or to practise the past simple / narrative tenses. It is most suitable for high beginner or intermediate level students.

High intermediate and advanced students may benefit more from the similar activity, Class Emoji Story, in which students have to think of appropriate sentences on the spot.

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