Find The Alphabet

In the Find The Alphabet ESL activity students have to find objects that begin with each letter.

Students for Find The Alphabet ESL Activity:1+Time for Find The Alphabet ESL Activity:10-20 mins
Resources for Find The Alphabet ESL Activity:

If you have a large class, divide the students into pairs.

Each student or pair will need a piece of paper/notebook.

  1. Students write the letters of the alphabet in one or two columns, leaving a space after each letter.
  2. They then have to find an object beginning with each letter of the alphabet and write them down.
  3. In almost all cases it will not be possible to find objects beginning with every letter. Therefore, set a time limit (e.g. five or ten minutes depending on the level), and challenge the students to find as many letters as they can.
  4. When the time is up, elicit the possibilities for each letter and write them on the board.
Target Language

The Find The Alphabet ESL activity is a fun, active warmer for beginner level students or kids. It works particularly well if students can leave the classroom and search around the school. Or, if you are teaching a kids private class, they can find objects around their house.

You could also use it as part of the main class to practise the alphabet and everyday vocabulary for each letter.

For a similar activity that you can use to practise different types of vocabulary with intermediate students too, try Alphabet Race.

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