Job Adverts

In the Job Adverts ESL activity, students create posters describing roles and responsibilities, wages and experience required.

Students for Job Adverts ESL Activity:1+Time for Job Adverts ESL Activity:30-45 mins
Resources for Job Adverts ESL Activity:
A4 Paper

Each student will need an A4 piece of paper, along with some coloured pens/pencils if possible.

  1. Each student will advertise one job by creating a poster. If following on from the Create A Company project, each group member advertises a different position in their company.
  2. On their poster, students include the following information: Job Title, Role/Responsibilities Description, Hours, Wages, Type of person they are looking for (use personality adjectives), Skills/Experience Required, Contact/Application Information.
  3. When finished, display the posters around the class. The students then stand up and walk around class, noting down the jobs they are interested in and think they are a good match for.
  4. The students feedback to the class/small groups on which jobs they want to apply for and why.
  5. This activity leads on well to writing a cover letter for those jobs (see Writing a CV / Cover Letter), and/or conducting interviews (see Job Interviews).
Target Language

The Job Adverts ESL activity is perfect for a high beginner or low intermediate class on the topic of jobs. Students practise the names of jobs, adjectives to describe them and suitable candidates, and other related vocabulary.

This activity is most commonly combined with other activities e.g. Create A CompanyJob AdvertsWriting A CV / Cover LetterJob Interviews.

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