Making Plans

In the Making Plans ESL activity students create and perform a dialogue about friends making plans together, utilising the adverbs just, already and yet.

Students for Making Plans ESL Activity:3+Time for Making Plans ESL Activity:15-30 mins
Resources for Making Plans ESL Activity:

Divide the class into groups of three or four students.

Explain to the students that they are to take on the role of friends deciding what to do together. They can choose a sport/hobby, a restaurant to go to, or a country to visit on holiday.

  1. Each group chooses one of the three scenarios.
  2. They write a dialogue discussing some different options. Importantly, it is difficult for them to find something that they all haven’t done yet/recently (e.g. – Have you been to the new Italian restaurant yet?No I haven’t been there yet.Sorry, but I’ve just eaten pasta for lunch, maybe another day.).
  3. When they have finished, each group performs their dialogue to the class. Encourage the rest of the students to listen for any errors.
Target Language

The Making Plans ESL activity is designed for practising the use of just, already and yet in the present perfect simple.

Model an example beforehand to make sure they understand how to use each adverb. After each performance, review their use.

For another good activity to practise the present perfect simple, try Bucket List.

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