Packing List

In the Packing List ESL activity students pretend they are going on a trip, and make a list of things they need to take.

Students for Packing List ESL Activity:1+Time for Packing List ESL Activity:10-20 mins
Resources for Packing List ESL Activity:

Divide the class into an even number of small groups (up to four students). Assign half the groups the letter A, and half the letter B.

  1. Group A imagines they are going on a warm weather trip. Group B imagines they are going on a cold weather trip. You could give real locations if you wish.
  2. Each group writes a packing list of things they think they will need on their trip.
  3. Divide the board into three columns, titled Warm Weather, Both, and Cold Weather. After a few minutes, elicit items from the students and complete the columns as appropriate.
  4. Check for students understanding of each vocabulary item. As necessary,  ask students why they have chosen items.
Target Language

The Packing List ESL activity is a useful exercise for beginner or low intermediate students. With beginners, use it to review vocabulary for clothes and accessories.

With intermediate students it is more commonly used within the topic of travel. More focus should be placed on the reasoning behind each item. It often forms the first part of the extended activity Class Trip.

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