Perfect Weekend

In the Perfect Weekend ESL activity, students talk about their ideal weekend.

Students for Perfect Weekend ESL Activity:1+Time for Perfect Weekend ESL Activity:15-30 mins
Resources for Perfect Weekend ESL Activity:

Optionally, you could introduce the activity by modelling your own perfect weekend (perhaps even projecting pictures of yourself if possible).

Review hobbies/activities that the students could use. The focus could be on a normal weekend around their home, or a weekend away to a different destination.

Students can complete this activity individually or in pairs.

  1. Students write down an itinerary for their perfect weekend in note form. They should choose their favourite activities, places to visit and things to eat.
  2. They write up a description of the weekend using full sentences in the target language.
  3. When they have finished, the students take turns sharing their perfect weekend with the class (or a small group) by reading it aloud.
  4. At the end, the class/group could decide (with a vote if necessary) which weekend sounds the best.
Target Language

In the Perfect Weekend ESL activity students can either plan their weekend with the future (going to) or the future (present continuous), or talk about what they did in the past simple. As such it’s perfect for practising these tenses with high beginner level students. Make sure you make clear which tense to use when modelling the activity.

It’s also ideal for practising sports and hobbies vocabulary. You can vary the types of activity to be used by putting the focus on a weekend at home (e.g. watching movies) or away (e.g. going kayaking).

For another activity that’s great for practising near-future plans and sports and hobbies, try Plans For The Weekend. This activity involves more improvised speaking, so it works well after you’ve already done the Perfect Weekend ESL activity.

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