Personality Test

The Personality Test ESL activity involves students taking a test, summarising the results, and discussing them with their classmates.

Students for Personality Test ESL Activity:1+Time for Personality Test ESL Activity:30-60 mins
Resources for Personality Test ESL Activity:
Internet (can be completed as homework)

By far the easiest option is for students to complete the test online, using the website

If you have smartphones or a computer lab accessible, students could do the test in class. If not, ask the students to do it as homework.

  1. Students take the test, either in class or before class as homework.
  2. Either way, when they have finished the test, they must create their own summary of the results. The detail required will depend on your student level and target language, but some key points would include: Name (e.g. Consul) and four-letter type descriptor (e.g. ESFJ), Key Personality Adjectives, Strengths and Weaknesses, Suitable Jobs/Careers.
  3. The level of detail and writing style on the website may be difficult for intermediate students to comprehend. Encourage them to scan for key words and not to worry about understanding everything.
  4. Back in class, divide the students into groups of three or four. Try and make sure that no two students in the same group have the same personality type.
  5. The students compare and discuss their summaries in their groups. Importantly, they should also talk about what they agree/disagree with in the results. You might want to write/project a list of the personality types on the board for students to refer to.
  6. At the end, open up the conversation to the whole class. Compare the overall mix of personality types. Ask how accurate they think these kinds of tests are, and the benefits/risks of using them.
Target Language

Doing the Personality Test ESL activity is a great way to practise vocabulary for describing people with higher intermediate or advanced students. Students will come across words that they didn’t learn at lower levels and should be encouraged to check that they understand them.

Because the results provide information about suitable jobs/careers and workplace dynamics, it can also be used for more advanced job vocabulary and business classes. You could even link it with the Create A Company or Job Adverts activities, with students discussing which personality types would be most useful in their organisation.

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