Real Estate Agent

In the Real Estate Agent ESL activity students go house hunting for their partner.

Students for Real Estate Agent ESL Activity:2+Time for Real Estate Agent ESL Activity:30-60 mins
Resources for Real Estate Agent ESL Activity:
Internet or Prepared Real Estate Listings

To do this activity you will need a set of possible housing options. If you have an Internet connection and all your students have smartphones they are able to use, they could search on real websites.

If not, display options as posters on the wall. You could print off real-world examples, but a great alternative is to do the Real Estate Listing project first, in which students create their own property adverts.

In class, assign each student a partner who they will go house hunting for.

  1. Elicit from the class (and write on the board) a list of criteria for choosing a place to live. For example type of house, price, location, size, rooms, number of bedrooms, size, facilities etc.
  2. The partners ask each other about their preferences and priorities for housing, noting down the responses.
  3. Students use these responses to find two or three suitable housing options for their partner (from the Internet or the posters).
  4. When finished, they present these options to their partner, using the target language (and the partner makes notes).
  5. Finally, the students choose one of the options presented to them. They explain their choice to the class or a small group, again using the target language.
Target Language

The Real Estate Agent ESL activity is perfect for practising home vocabulary (for rooms of the house and home-related adjectives) with high beginner or intermediate students.

It’s great for comparatives and superlatives too – students should focus on using this language when presenting/explaining choices. For example, I chose A because it was closer to the beach or It was smaller and more expensive but the area was better.

You can also use it specifically to practise information questions. In this case the student acting as the real estate agent must not simply tell their partner the information about each option. Their partner must instead ask questions, e.g. How many bedrooms does it have? Which neighbourhood is it in?

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