The Worst Hitchhiker Ever

In The Worst Hitchhiker Ever ESL activity, students take turns pretending to be different kinds of hitchhiker.

Students for The Worst Hitchhiker Ever ESL Activity:4+Time for The Worst Hitchhiker Ever ESL Activity:10-20 mins
Resources for The Worst Hitchhiker Ever ESL Activity:
Playing Cards / Internet / Prepared Papers

Write/project a list of types of hitchhiker on the board as follows (feel free to alter/add to these options with your own ideas):

– A pregnant woman about to have a baby
– A bank robber on the run from the police
– A ‘backseat driver’
– Someone who’s very upset about a recent break up
– A tourist who wants to know everything about your country
– A very dirty hiker
– An alien who wants to invade Earth
– A businessperson who’s late for a meeting
– A salesperson
– A psychiatrist
– A spy
– Someone who gets travel sickness
– Someone who loves to party

You can select the different types of hitchhiker by drawing random playing cards, in which case label the list with the different cards (2-10, J, Q, K, A).

Alternatively, number the list and use our Random Number Generator (on a phone or computer screen), or prepare numbers on folded slips of paper.

Place two chairs at the front of class, facing away from the board. These chairs are to act as the front seats in a car.

  1. In a random order, students are selected two at a time. Try Musical Markers or our Random Number Generator for ways to select the next students.
  2. One student sits on one of the chairs at the front, and acts as the driver.
  3. The other student selects a type of hitchhiker at random, using one of the methods described above. They do not reveal their identity to the class, but can show it to the driver.
  4. The two students act out a short improvised role play, with the hitchhiker sitting down on the other chair and taking on their identity.
  5. After the role play, ask the class which type of hitchhiker it was – it should usually be obvious!
  6. Repeat as many times as desired, or until all the types of hitchhiker have been used.
Target Language

The Worst Hitchhiker Ever ESL activity is a fun warmer or time-filler for intermediate or advanced students. With the right class, you could also use more adult topics, e.g. “Someone that is drunk/hungover”.

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