What Time Is It

Especially designed for larger kids classes, the What Time Is It ESL activity involves students acting what they are normally doing at different times of day.

Students for What Time Is It ESL Activity:6+Time for What Time Is It ESL Activity:5-10 mins
Resources for What Time Is It ESL Activity:

This activity is done as a class. All the students stand up facing the front.

  1. One student stands at the front of class. The rest of the students chant “What time is it?”.
  2. The student at the front responds with a time (along with in the morning/afternoon/evening if necessary), e.g. It’s eight o’clock in the morning.
  3. The students all act what they are usually doing at that time of day. As they do that, the student at the front asks a few students what they are doing, e.g. What are you doing Jaime? I’m brushing my teeth!
  4. This is repeated for three different times of day. Then change the student at the front, and repeat the process as many times as desired.
Target Language

The What Time Is It ESL activity is a short, simple exercise designed for young, beginner level kids. You can use it to practise the time, daily routines and/or the present continuous.

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