If you’re looking for conversation topics/questions for your class, try our Conversation Topic Generator.

You might be lucky enough to have an English class that loves to share their thoughts on any subject; often though, that’s not the case. With many students, you need more than just a topic or question to get an ESL conversation started. Read More >>

That’s why it’s important to have different techniques prepared that can stimulate a discussion. Whether that be an imaginary scenario, having students move around the class, or even asking them to take a different point of view than their own, you’ll get the best response if you put some thought into your setups, and vary them frequently.

Here are some ideas on how you can get English conversation flowing in your EFL / ESL classroom. We also provide classroom games, activities and project ideas, or you can browse all our resources by searching at the top of the page.

Catch Up Party

Do the Catch Up Party ESL activity with your class and find out what everyone’s been doing recently.