Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the different between EFL and ESL teaching?

EFL and ESL both refer to English-language teaching. However EFL refers to when it is taught in a country where the native language is not English (English as a Foreign Language), while ESL refers to when it is taught in an English-speaking country (English as a Second Language). In many instances, ESL is commonly used to refer to both — hence the name of our site.

How do you decide if something is a game, an activity or a project?

Although we find it useful to divide our resources in this way, we appreciate the line between a game and an activity is not always 100% clear. In general, a game is a short activity carried out as a class, of a competitive nature (often involving point-scoring). Additionally, any target language produced is short in nature (usually no more than one sentence); that’s why many vocabulary practise techniques are referred to as games.

An activity on the other hand is normally longer, and is more focused on students reproducing extended target language than competitive point-scoring. Although there is often an element of sharing with the whole class, students usually also work individually or in small groups to complete a task.

The definition of a project is more clear, as it involves an extended period of creative thinking on a topic. The students are given an overall task, but the instructions are not as specific as in an activity. At the end, students usually share their ideas with the whole class.

We use the term “resources” to refer to all our games, activities, projects, and conversation ideas collectively.

How can I view a resource offline?

At the bottom of each resource page you will find a link of the form “Download as a PDF for later”. Click this link to view the pdf (on mobile devices this should usually save the file). If using a desktop browser, you may need to click the download link (usually an arrow pointing downwards) to save it to your device.

How can I tell you about a mistake on the site?

If you find a mistake on the site, please comment on the resource page or drop us an email at

How can I suggest a new game, activity, project or conversation idea that isn’t listed?

If you have an idea for a resource that isn’t listed, please let us know! Click here for details on how to proceed.

How can I submit a photo or video to the site?

If you capture your class using one of our resources, we’d love to showcase it on our site. Please click here for details and guidelines on sending us your submissions.