EFL / ESL games have a key role to play in today’s classroom, and not just for kids. In the modern world student attention is more divided than ever, so it’s imperative we create a fun, engaging learning environment. Read More >>

There’s no doubt that we have to be mindful of our surroundings and the mindset of our students when choosing ESL classroom games; sometimes the situation may call for a more focused, serious approach. But there are significant benefits to be had, not least that many students lose their inhibitions more in a competitive situation.

English language games are not just a time-filler; there is real value in practising your current grammar or vocabulary topic in this way. Not only does it force students to process language at speed, but the way they break up the class will leave students refreshed and invigorated for the next piece of work.

Of course to achieve the maximum amount of value from a game you need to find something well-suited to your class – and the way we organise our resources will allow you to do just that. Maybe you want specifically want ESL games for advanced students, or ESL games to practice the present perfect? Simply filter below by student level, or your current target language.

Our website offers a wide range of ESL games for adults and kids alike, and many are suitable for any age group. However, if you’re looking specifically for ESL games for kids, click the ‘kids’ filter, and the page will only display games suitable for kids.

Whether it be a warmer, a fun way to review specific grammar or vocabulary, or just a time-filler, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Check out our activities, projects, and conversation ideas too! Here’s a list of fun ESL games for your English classroom.

If you’re teaching adults, take a look at our article on the 15 Best ESL Games for Adults.

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