Beer Pong

The Beer Pong ESL game is an adapted version of the party game in which the ‘beer’ is an English language question or challenge.

Students for Beer Pong ESL Game:2+Time for Beer Pong ESL Game:10-20 mins
Resources for Beer Pong ESL Game:
Plastic Cups; Table Tennis Ball(s); Sticky Tape

You will need a set of twelve plastic cups and a table tennis ball for every six students in your class. If you have a large class, trying playing some other similar games at the same time.

You will also need some challenges/questions, written on small pieces of scrap paper. If you have a specific vocabulary or grammar you want to practise, you may want to prepare these yourself. Or, just get the students to do it at the start of class.

In class, divide the students into groups for each set of cups + ball you have. Up to six students in a group works, but two or four is even better. Set up one long table (or two small tables with a space between) for each group.

On each table, place six cups at either end, arranged in a 3-2-1 pyramid. Fold pieces of tape over to stick the bottoms of the cups to the table. Shuffle all the prepared challenges, fold them up and stick one to the side of each cup.

  1. Each group divides into two teams. The two teams stand behind either end of the table.
  2. The teams (and the students in each team) take turns trying to throw the table tennis ball into the other team’s cups.
  3. If the ball lands in a team’s cup, they have to remove the cup and answer the question/challenge on it. Depending on the challenges you have, all team members could answer, or students could take turns.
  4. The team that loses all their cups first is the loser.
Target Language

The Beer Pong ESL game is a really fun game for a more relaxed class, on the last day of school or around the holidays.

You can use it with any level and to review any type of grammar or vocabulary, simply vary the challenges as appropriate. Try word definitions, personal preferences/plans, have you ever/what would you do questions etc. Take a look at our Challenge Generator for ideas.

If you have a large class and not enough cups/balls, try setting up other similar games at the same time (e.g. Target Practice, Jenga). Students can change to a different game as and when they finish. For an extended class/day of games, what about a Class Olympics?

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