Can’t Stop

The Can’t Stop ESL game is a variation on the board game of the same name, in which students have to answer consecutive questions correctly to win.

Students for Can’t Stop ESL Game:6+Time for Can’t Stop ESL Game:15-30 mins
Resources for Can’t Stop ESL Game:
Board; Prepared Questions

You will need a list of questions according to your target language. Make these questions fairly difficult so students are likely to get at least some wrong.

Divide the class into two (or three) teams.

Draw a vertical path for each team on the board, each consisting of twelve squares. Draw a symbol for each team at the bottom of their path.

  1. The teams take turns playing. All the students on the team playing stand up.
  2. Ask a question to the team. One student may put their hand up and try to answer. The students may not confer.
  3. If their answer is incorrect, play passes to the other team. If their answer is correct, their symbol moves up one square. That student then sits down, and cannot answer for the rest of the turn.
  4. Whenever a question is answered correctly, ask the remaining students if they want to stop. If they say no, ask another question as before. If they say yes, draw a line under their symbol. Play passes to the other team, but their symbol cannot then fall lower than that line.
  5. This is important because every time a question is answered incorrectly, the team falls to the bottom, or the last line that they drew. Students usually try to get to the top without stopping, before realising that answering twelve consecutive questions correctly is very difficult!
  6. The first team to reach the top of the board is the winner.
Target Language

Because you can use any type of questions, the Can’t Stop ESL game is very flexible. Simply create questions about the grammar or vocabulary topic you wish to practise – perfect for a fun review session.

You could also use it as a warmer if you wish. You can adapt the length of the game by changing the number of squares in the path.

For another fun review game, try Jeopardy.

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