Classroom Guess Who

The Classroom Guess Who ESL game is a version of Guess Who played with members of the class.

Students for Classroom Guess Who ESL Game:20+Time for Classroom Guess Who ESL Game:5-15 mins
Resources for Classroom Guess Who ESL Game:

All the students stand up. Choose one student to come to the front of class (you may want to model the game first yourself).

  1. The student at the front chooses one of their classmates, without revealing their choice.
  2. The other students take turns asking closed (yes/no) questions about this person’s appearance. This could include physical characteristics (e.g. hair colour), and/or their clothes, depending on your target language.
  3. When the student at the front answers, the students who no longer fit the description sit down. They can still ask questions however.
  4. After five questions, the students are allowed to make guesses as well as asking questions. If their guess is correct, they get to replace the student at the front.
  5. Repeat as many times as desired, with the new student at the front choosing a different person.

Tip: With kids, make sure the student at the front understands not to look at the person they have chosen too obviously!

Target Language

The Classroom Guess Who ESL game is a really fun way to practise describing people or clothes vocabulary with a large class. It works particularly well with kids, but could be fun with the right adult class too.

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  • Hi. I came up with this exact same activity by myself. I thought I would do a quick search to see if anyone else had had the same idea, and found your site.
    A trick that works for me is to get the number of possible students down to two or three and then have the class vote on who they think the mystery student. If the majority guess right then the class gets a point. Otherwise the class loses a point.