Compound Pictionary

The Compound Pictionary ESL game is a variation on normal Pictionary in which each team draws part of a compound noun.

Students for Compound Pictionary ESL Game:4+Time for Compound Pictionary ESL Game:5-15 mins
Resources for Compound Pictionary ESL Game:
Prepared Compound Nouns; Board; Chalk/Markers

Prepare some compound nouns on separate small pieces of paper. Write one part of the compound on each side (e.g. fast | food ).

In class, divide your students into two teams.

  1. Ask one student from each team to come to the board, and give them a marker/chalk.
  2. Take a paper at random. Show one side of the paper to each artist, so neither knows the complete word (don’t worry about the order).
  3. When you say go, the artists then draw a visual representation of their word (no letters, numbers or symbols allowed!). All the other students watch both drawings and shout out their guesses of the compound noun the two pictures represent together.
  4. The student that guesses the answer first wins a point for their team.
  5. Repeat the process with different students drawing a new compound noun for subsequent rounds. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.
Target Language

The Compound Pictionary ESL game is specifically designed for practising compound nouns. However, it can also be used as a fun warmer at any time, with any level from high beginner upwards. Adapt the difficulty of the compound nouns according to your level.

For the original game, see Pictionary.

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