Another game based around the Hot Seat setup, in the Consequences ESL game students try and guess results from conditions or vice versa.

Students for Consequences ESL Game:2+Time for Consequences ESL Game:10-20 mins
Resources for Consequences ESL Game:
Internet and Projector or Board and Chalk/Markers

The Consequences ESL game requires some incomplete first conditional statements. These could be either the dependent (if) clause (e.g. If you go to the beach) or the main clause (e.g. you will celebrate).

If you have an Internet connection and a projector, use our interactive Consequences game. You can use our pre-made clauses, or input your own specific to your class. Divide the students into two or more teams.

If not, prepare your own clauses to write on the board. Students could also contribute their own ideas once they get used to the game.

Place a chair at the front of the class, facing away from the board (the Hot Seat).


If playing our interactive game:

  1. The teams take turns playing.
  2. One student from the team comes to the front. This student has to guess the clause on the board without looking.
  3. The rest of the team gives clues by completing the sentence that is on the board – no gestures allowed! If a condition is on the board (e.g. if you go to the beach) they have to say results (e.g. you will see the sea). If a result is on the board (e.g. you will celebrate) they have to say conditions (e.g. if your team wins).
  4. The student at the front has thirty seconds or one minute to guess as many as they can, with one point awarded for each correct guess.
  5. Repeat with different students guessing, as many times as desired. The team with the most points at the end wins.

If you are playing with your own clauses, the game is not played in teams, and is not timed:

  1. One student comes to the front and a clause is written behind them.
  2. The other students take turns giving single clues, in the same manner as above.
  3. After each clue the student at the front makes one guess.
  4. When that guess is correct, the student who gave the last clue becomes the new guesser.
Target Language

Use the Consequences ESL game to practise the first conditional with lower intermediate students, or as a review activity for higher level students. For lower level students keep the clauses simple – this game is more difficult than you might think!

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