Draw The Time

The Draw The Time ESL game is a version of Pictionary in which students have to draw the time instead of a vocabulary word.

Students for Draw The Time ESL Game:4+Time for Draw The Time ESL Game:5-15 mins
Resources for Draw The Time ESL Game:
Board; Chalk/Markers; Prepared Times; Countdown Timer

Prepare a list of times to give the students, on a piece of paper, smartphone or computer.

Project/draw a clock face on the board. Include numbers only for very low levels or young kids.

Divide the class into two teams.

  1. The teams take turns playing. One student from the team comes to the front of class.
  2. Show only this student a time from the list (e.g. ‘7:30’ or ‘half past seven’). The student has to draw this time on the clock face, and their teammates have to guess it. They are only allowed to draw clock hands, nothing else.
  3. When the team shouts out the correct time, repeat the process with another time. The team has to guess as many times as they can in thirty seconds. Each correct guess scores one point.
  4. Repeat the process with the other team, then with other students drawing. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.
Target Language

The Draw The Time ESL game is a basic exercise designed for beginner students learning the time. For a similar game, try Act The Time.

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