Family Feud

The Family Feud ESL game is a version of the popular TV show of the same name (Family Fortunes in the UK), adapted for your English class.

Students for Family Feud ESL Game:2+Time for Family Feud ESL Game:10-20 mins
Resources for Family Feud ESL Game:
Internet and Projector

It is possible to make your own version of the Family Feud game using a computer presentation. However, by far the easiest way is to use our online Family Feud game, which has suitable pre-made questions and answers for both kids and adults English classes.

Divide the class into two teams.

  1. Project a question on the board.
  2. One team starts, and tries to name one of the common answers to the question. If the answer is present, they win the amount of points assigned to that answer.
  3. Usually the best way to play is for teams to just take turns giving one answer each. However, if you want to make things more interesting, teams could continue until one of their answers does not appear (perhaps up to a maximum of three answers).
  4. Play passes to the other team, and the process repeats. You could specify a maximum of three turns per team per questions, or just limit turns on an ad hoc basis.
  5. Repeat for future questions. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.
Target Language

The Family Feud ESL game is a really fun warmer or time-filler for beginner or intermediate students. As mentioned above, our online Family Feud game has two settings, with pre-made questions for either kids or adults.

With higher level intermediate students, it is also possible to use this game as an informal way to practise reported speech. In this case, to give a valid answer students must use the form “I think people said that…”, plus the original structure converted to reported speech.

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