Five In Five

In the Five In Five ESL game, students try to guess a five-letter word using other five-letter words.

Students for Five In Five ESL Game:1+Time for Five In Five ESL Game:5-10 mins
Resources for Five In Five ESL Game:

You can play this game as a class, or the students can play in pairs/small groups. If playing as a class, you will need a board to write on.

  1. One student thinks of a five-letter word (e.g. apple). They write that word on the board or a piece of paper, replacing all but one of its letters with dashes (e.g. _ _ _ l _). They can choose which letter they reveal.
  2. The other students then have to call out five-letter words (e.g. plane). The original student writes that word on the board/paper. They circle the letters that appear in their word, and put a square around the letters that not only appear in their word but are in the right place too.
  3. From these clues, the other students can choose which other words they call out. They have five goes to guess the mystery word, or the original student wins. When the game is finished, repeat with a different student choosing the mystery word.

Five In Five ESL Game Example

Target Language

The Five In Five ESL game is a great no-prep warmer or time-filler for any level from high beginner upwards. Guessing the words will force students to think about different vocabulary, and the game can be repeated many times.

For a similar guessing game, try Hangman.

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