How Often

In the How Often ESL game, students guess adverbs of frequency by thinking about how often they do certain things.

Students for How Often ESL Game:2+Time for How Often ESL Game:5-15 mins
Resources for How Often ESL Game:
Internet and Projector (Optional)

You will need to display random adverbs of frequency on the board one at a time. If you have a projector and Internet access, you could use our Random Word Generator. Select the adverbs of frequency option from the dropdown menu.

Alternatively, you and the students can also just make them up as you play. Use short or long adverbs, or a mix of the two, according to the level of your class and what they have been studying.

  1. One student stands at the front of class, facing away from the board.
  2. Write/project an adverb of frequency on the board.
  3. The other students take turns giving clues, in the form of activities that they think the student (or another student) does that often. For example if the adverb is “twice a day”, a clue could be brush your teeth.
  4. After each clue the student at the front takes a guess at the adverb. If they get it correct, the student who said the last clue replaces them at the front.
  5. Repeat with the next student, with you or a different student choosing a new adverb to write on the board if necessary.
Target Language

The How Often ESL game is particularly designed for practising adverbs of frequency with beginner and low intermediate students. With lower level students, you may want to play separate games with short and long adverbs before mixing them together.

You can also use it to practise vocabulary for sports and hobbies, and other everyday activities.

Use it in class, or as a quick warmer/time-filler to review the above topics.

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