Roll A Month

The Roll A Month ESL game is a short, simple exercise to practise the months of the year.

Students for Roll A Month ESL Game:2+Time for Roll A Month ESL Game:5-10 mins
Resources for Roll A Month ESL Game:

Divide the class into small groups of two, three or four students. You will need two dice for each group.

  1. Give each group two dice.
  2. The total that is shown on the two dice (between two and twelve) will correspond to a month of the year (two = February, three = March etc.). As a one is not possible you could assign January to a ‘double three’, as long as that won’t confuse your students!
  3. The students take turns rolling the dice. Each time, the students have to shout out the month corresponding to the number rolled.
  4. The student who says the correct month first wins a point. When one student reaches five points they are the winner.
  5. Optionally, students can repeat with different partners.
Target Language

The Roll A Month ESL game is specifically designed for practising months vocabulary with beginner students.

If you’re looking for another fun way to practise the months of the year (with writing instead of speaking), try a Board Race.

For a similar game to practise prefixes and suffixes (with more advanced students), see Roll An Affix.

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