What Time Is It Mr Wolf

Also known as What Time Is It Mr Fox, the What Time Is It Mr Wolf ESL game is the classic game of tag that’s great for younger kids.

Students for What Time Is It Mr Wolf ESL Game:4+Time for What Time Is It Mr Wolf ESL Game:5-10 mins
Resources for What Time Is It Mr Wolf ESL Game:

You will need an outdoor area, hall or large classroom. Clear the space of any obstacles.

  1. Everyone stands at one end of the space, except one student. This student (the wolf), stands at the other end, facing away from the class.
  2. The class chants “What time is it Mr Wolf?”, and the wolf can respond in one of two ways:
    a) Saying a clock time (e.g. It’s three o’clock). The class then has to walk forward that many steps, counting aloud as they go.
    b) Saying “It’s dinner time!”. The wolf then turns round and tries to tag one of the students before they run back to their starting place. If the wolf catches a student, that student becomes the wolf.
  3. To avoid the wolf simply calling the class very close every time, you could apply a penalty if a player reaches the wolf before ‘dinnertime’.
  4. Repeat the game for as long as desired.
Target Language

The What Time Is It Mr Wolf ESL game is specifically for practising time and/or numbers with young kids at beginner level. In the right setting, you could also use it in a kids class as a warmer or time-filler.

For other games/activities to practice the time with beginner level kids, try What Time Is It, Draw The Time and Act The Time.

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