Media Submissions

We need your help! To make this site a better resource for us all we’re looking to add pictures and videos to our games, activities and projects, of them being used in real classrooms around the world. Not only will this benefit other teachers who want to implement them, but our goal is to inspire our whole profession by showcasing the reach and impact these teaching methods can have.

You can send your pictures and videos to us at, but before doing so please read and follow the guidelines below:

Submission Guidelines

– Ensure that you own the full rights to any photo/video before submitting it.
– Please inform your students before capturing a photo/video and ask their permission before sharing it with us.
– Because gaining consent for minors is a complicated issue, as is reproducing images/videos of them, we ask that no persons under the age of 18 are featured in your submissions.
– Along with your media, please include your name, the name of the activity, the level of your class and where you are teaching (the country).
– We will do our best to deal with any type of image/video, but our preferred formats are .jpg and .mp4 respectively.
– Please provide the highest resolution copies of your media possible, otherwise we may not be able to include them on our website.
– It may be difficult for us to deal with very large file sizes, so try to keep videos under one minute in duration where possible.

If you’re having trouble, drop us an email and we’ll work out a solution with you. Thanks!