Body Collage

The Body Collage ESL project is formed by combining body parts cut-out from magazines.

Students for Body Collage ESL Project:1+Time for Body Collage ESL Project:30-60 mins
Resources for Body Collage ESL Project:
Magazines/Newspapers; A4 Paper; Scissors; Glue

You will need a number of different magazines, at least one for every two students.

Students can complete this activity individually or in pairs. You will need a piece of A4 paper, scissors and glue for each individual/pair.

  1. The students find different body parts in the magazines.
  2. They cut the body parts out and stick them on the A4 paper to make a whole body (leaving enough space around the edge for labelling).
  3. They label each body part.
  4. You could display each completed work as a poster on the wall. Optionally, you could also get the students to choose/vote for their favourite.
Target Language

The Body Collage ESL project is a very basic activity designed for low-level beginners (usually kids). Students practise recognising and writing out the body parts vocabulary.

It could work well as a cross-curricular activity for school-age children. Students would learn about the collage technique in their art class, then apply those ideas/techniques here.

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