Create A Comic

In the Create A Comic ESL project students create a comic strip about superheroes, including dialogue and narration.

Students for Create A Comic ESL Project:1+Time for Create A Comic ESL Project:90-120 mins
Resources for Create A Comic ESL Project:
Paper; Coloured Pens/Pencils

Students can do this activity individually or in pairs. You will need a piece of A4 paper for each student/pair. They will also need some coloured pens/pencils.

Explain that the comic should be about one or more superheroes fighting each other/evil. You may want to draw examples of different types of speech bubbles and text boxes on the board for students to use.

  1. Students divide their paper into eight boxes (4×2). They can use the paper in portrait or landscape, as they prefer.
  2. Before drawing on the paper however, they should plan out what happens in the story. In their notebooks (or on another piece of paper), they write the following: A list of characters, A short summary of the story, What happens in each box, from number one to number eight (including dialogue and use of target language).
  3. After you have checked their plan, students can proceed with creating the final version of their comic. Advise them to write in pencil first.

The finished comics make a great wall display!

Target Language

The Create A Comic ESL project is primarily designed for practising comparatives and/or superlatives with kids classes, at high beginner or low intermediate level. The subject matter of battling superheroes means the dialogue and narration can discuss which character is stronger/the strongest etc.

However, you could also just do it as a fun class project, without a particular language focus.

If your kids class loves superheroes, try the Create A Superhero project too.

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