Create A Superhero

In the Create A Superhero ESL project students describe their own superheroes and their powers.

Students for Create A Superhero ESL Project:1+Time for Create A Superhero ESL Project:20-40 mins
Resources for Create A Superhero ESL Project:
A4 Paper; Coloured Pens/Pencils

This project is best completed individually, but students can work in pairs if necessary.

Students will each need a piece of paper (at least A4).

  1. Write/project a few examples of existing superheroes on the board. Elicit some descriptions, using your target language. If necessary, write those descriptions on the board for students to refer to later.
  2. Students draw and colour their own superhero on their paper.
  3. They then write sentences around the picture to describe them and their abilities/powers. You may want to get students to write draft sentences in a notebook first so you can check them.
  4. The information could include some/all of the following; name, age, where they live, personality, physical description, powers/abilities, name of nemesis…
  5. When they have finished, students can take turns presenting their superhero to the class, using the target language. You could display their work as posters around the classroom.
Target Language

The Create A Superhero ESL project is a fun activity for beginner level kids. You can use it to practise describing people, in which case students should include descriptions of appearance and/or personality.

You can also use it to practise can/can’t, in which case kids should focus on abilities/powers (both affirmative and negative).

Got students who can’t get enough of superheroes? They’re easily included in the Create A Comic project, designed for high beginner or low intermediate level.

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