Home Of The Future

In the Home Of The Future ESL project, students make predictions for the home of the future, and design one of their own.

Students for Home Of The Future ESL Project:1+Time for Home Of The Future ESL Project:45-90+ mins
Resources for Home Of The Future ESL Project:
Computers and Projector or Paper and Coloured Pens/Pencils

You will need either computer access or A3/A4 paper and coloured pens/pencils for the students to create their design presentations.

Students do this project in pairs.

  1. Students write down ten predictions for the home of the future, using the target language. You may want to let them research ideas using the Internet.
  2. They design a future home that incorporates these predictions.
  3. They create a visual representation of their design (e.g. a poster, a computer slideshow).
  4. Each pair presents their design to the class, using the predictions in their description. For example, Next we have the living room. In the living room there won’t be a TV because everyone will have virtual reality headsets.
Target Language

Doing the Home Of The Future ESL project is perfect for practising predictions (both affirmative and negative) using the future simple. This is suitable for high beginner or low intermediate students.

You could also use the project to practise vocabulary. Ask beginners to concentrate on the different rooms and furniture in the house, and how they might change. Intermediate students on the other hand could focus on the topic of technology and how that will affect the home environment.

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