Past Simple Rap

In the Past Simple Rap ESL project, students create a rap using regular past tense verbs with different ‘-ed’ pronunciations.

Students for Past Simple Rap ESL Project:1+Time for Past Simple Rap ESL Project:30-45+ mins
Resources for Past Simple Rap ESL Project:

If you have more than one student, divide the class into groups of two or three. Each student will need their notebook or a piece of paper.

If possible, prepare a slow generic rap beat to play in the background.

Write an example of a past simple rap (see below) on the board. Each line should use three regular past tense verbs with the different pronunciations, /d/, /t/, and /id/, in that order. For example:

– I listened to music, I watched TV, I invited my friend, to my house for tea
– We played some games, we jumped on the bed, we decided to eat, Nutella and bread…

  1. Show the students an example rap using regular verbs in the past simple (see above). You could even rap it to them if you’re feeling extra confident!
  2. In their groups, the students write their own rap. You may want to give them some ideas about things they could have done and/or lists of verbs, depending on their level.
  3. Make sure each student writes the rap down (to practise and to refer to while performing).
  4. Each group practises and performs their rap for the class. With kids, you could even encourage them to dress up and make props like microphones. Play a background beat if possible.
Target Language

The Past Simple Rap ESL project is specifically designed for practising the pronunciation of regular verbs in the past simple. As such it is suitable for beginner or low intermediate students. It works best with kids, but could also be used with the right adult class.

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