Phrasal Verbs Rap

Great for kids (and the young at heart) the Phrasal Verbs Rap ESL project is a fun way to review the meaning of different phrasal verbs.

Students for Phrasal Verb Rap ESL Project:1+Time for Phrasal Verb Rap ESL Project:30-60+ mins
Resources for Phrasal Verb Rap ESL Project:
Internet and Projector (Optional)

Divide the class into groups of two or three. Each student will need their notebook or a piece of paper.

If possible, prepare a slow generic rap beat to play in the background.

  1. If you have the Internet and a projector, show the class a video of an example phrasal verbs rap on YouTube. As a class they rap and act along with the video.
  2. In their groups, the students write their own rap, using the phrasal verbs they have learned recently. They also prepare an action related to each phrasal verb.
  3. Make sure each student writes the rap down (to practise and refer to when performing).
  4. The groups practise doing their rap, including the actions.
  5. The groups take turns coming to the front of class and writing their rap on the board, as they teach their rap and actions to the class. The whole class then performs it together. Use the background rap beat if possible.
Target Language

The Phrasal Verbs Rap ESL project is particularly designed for kids, but it could be used with the right adult class too. It’s perfect for helping intermediate students review and remember the meanings of different phrasal verbs.

For similar projects to practise different language, see Past Simple Rap and Irregular Verbs Rap.

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